Allama Iqbal Special Education Centre45 B-II, Johar Town
Amin Maktab Centre for Special Education and Training54 A, Block J, Gulberg III
American School for International Academics1 H, Gulberg III
Aizan campus, Parents' Foundation128 - A, Gulshan Ravi Lahore
Chaman Centre for Mentally Retarded ChildrenBlock 3, Sector D I, Township
Child Guidance Centre66 B, Ahmed Block, Garden Town
Dar-ul-Mussarat17 Waris Road
Dar-ul-Mussarat 2Near St. Paul’s Church, Nawaz Sharif Colony, Ferozepur Road
Special Child Development Centre, Home Economics CollegeMain Boulevard, Gulberg
Fakuka School for Special Education248 C Punjab Cooperative Housing Society, Lahore Cantt
Helping Hands Training Institute for Special ChildrenHouse 211, Sector 2, Block B, Township
Image Institute of Learning8-A New Campus Road, Johar Town
Institute for Disadvantaged Children (Fountain House)17, Lower Mall
Iqra Special Education Centre24 Chenab Block, Allama Iqbal Town
Lahore Collegiate2 Ferozepur Road, Near Naz Clinic
Multiple Disability Centre45-B Block 2, Johar Town
PAF Special Education CentreQureshi Camp, PAF Base, Lahore Cantt.
Parvarish119 P Gulberg II
Rising Sun School11 A Main Boulevard, Defence Housing Society
Special Education Training Centre43 M.A Civic Centre, Johar Town
Special Education Centre for Hearing Impaired ChildrenHouse 45-B Block 2, M.A Johar Town
Shadab Centre (Govt. of Punjab)128 A Khyber Block, Allama Iqbal Town
The Thevenet CentreConvent of Jesus and Mary
Technical Services Association (TSA)23/2 Race Course Road (Aiwan-e-Tijarat)
VTCDP (G.O.P), Special Education Complex45 B-11 Johar Town
Higher Education Commission of Pakistan
HEC Logo.jpg
ChairmanDr. Javaid Laghari
The Higher Education Commission (HEC), formerly the University Grant Commission, is the primary regulator 

The HEC has played a leading role towards building a knowledge based economy in Pakistan by giving out hundreds of doctoral scholarships for education abroad every year. Dr. Javaid Laghari is the last incumbent appointed HEC Chairman.of higher education in Pakistan. It also facilitated the development of higher educational system inPakistan. Its main purpose was to upgrade universities in Pakistan to be centres of education, research and development

HEC Programs and Projects

HEC main programs are following:
  • Faculty development
  • Curriculum revision
  • Higher education infrastructure development
  • Indigenous scholarships[1][2]
  • Foreign scholarships[3][4]
  • Patent filing support[5]
  • Conference travel grants[6]
  • Increase industry and university research collaboration
  • Developing new technology parks

Praise of Higher Education Reforms

There has been much praise of the higher education reforms under the leadership of Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman,FRS, its former Chairman. Pakistan has also been given a number of prestigious international awards for the remarkable transformation of the higher education sector.
Prof. Wolfgang Voelter (Tubingen University, Germany) in his article in Pakistan's leading Daily Newspaper Dawn entitled "The Golden Age" writes “A miracle happened. The scenario of education, science and technology in Pakistan changed dramatically, as never before in the history of Pakistan. The chairperson of the Senate Standing Committee on Education recently announced it as "Pakistan's golden period in higher education" [8].
A US educational expert Prof. Fred M. Hayward has also praised the reform process undertaken by Pakistan: “Since 2002 a number of extraordinary changes have taken place. Over the last six years almost 4,000 scholars have participated in PhD programs in Pakistan. More than 600 students have studied in foreign PhD programs. The Higher Education Commission instituted major upgrades for laboratories and information and communications technology, rehabilitation of facilities, expansion of research support, and development of one of the best digital libraries in the region. A quality assurance and accreditation process was also established. Its successes have been remarkable as the recurrent and development budgets increased 340 percent in real terms from 2001 to 2005/06. By 2008, as a result of its policy and financial successes, most universities had become strong proponents of the Higher Education Commission.Quality had increased significantly, and several institutions were on their way to becoming world-class institutions. Many expatriate Pakistanis returned from abroad with access to competitive salaries. About 95 percent of people sent abroad for training returned, an unusually high result for a developing country in response to improved salaries and working conditions at universities as well as bonding and strict follow-up by the commission, Fulbright, and others.”[9]
Prof. Michael Rode, Former Chairman of the United Nations Commission on Science, Technology and Development and presently heading a Network of European and Asian Universities (ASIA-UNINET) writes: "The progress made was breath-taking and has put Pakistan ahead of comparable countries in numerous aspects. To name just a few, the establishment of a free access to scientific literature by high-speed Internet for all universities, the thousands of promising young scientists who were granted PhD studies at top universities abroad, the upgrade of research equipment accessible across the country and the programme of establishing new universities of science and technology, including technology parks attracting foreign investors, prove the efficiency and the long-term benefits for the country enabled by the HEC's chairman.The United Nations Commission on Science and Technology has closely monitored the development in Pakistan in the past years, coming to the unanimous conclusion that Prof Rahman’s policy and programme is a 'best-practice' example for developing countries aiming at building their human resources and establishing an innovative, technology-based economy." [10]
Pakistan has won four international awards for the revolutionary changes in the higher education sector brought about under the leadership of Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman, Chairman (Federal Minister), Higher Education Commission. The TWAS (Academy of Sciences for the Developing World, Italy)Award for Institutional Development was conferred on Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman at the 11th General Conference of TWAS in October 2009 [11]. The Austrian Government conferred its high civil award "Grosse Goldene Ehrenzeischen am Bande" (2007) on Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman for transforming the Higher Education sector in Pakistan.[citation needed] Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman was also elected as Fellow of Royal Society (London)(2006) [12] and Honorary Life Fellow of Kings College , Cambridge University (2007) [13] in recognition of his academic contributions as well as his services to the higher education sector in Pakistan.
Nature, a leading science journal,has also written a number of editorials and articles about the transformation brought about in Pakistan in the higher education sector under he leadership of Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman, former Chairman (Federal Minister), Higher Education Commission.[14][15][16][17][18]
In an article entitled "Pak Threat to Indian Science" published in the leading daily newspaper Hindustan Times, India, it has been reported that Prof. C.N.R. Rao, Chairman of the Indian Prime Minister's Scientific Advisory Council made a presentation to the Indian Prime Minister at the rapid progress made by Pakistan in the higher education sector under the leadership of Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman, Chairman, Higher Education Commission. It was reported that as result of the reforms brought about in Pakistan " Pakistan may soon join China in giving India serious competition in science". “Science is a lucrative profession in Pakistan. It has tripled the salaries of its scientists in the last few years.” [19]
After the (forced) resignation of Dr Atta-ur-Rahman, the performance of HEC is declining and the culture of work is changing in HEC. An example of this is that HEC no longer publishes the list of selected candidates for scholarship. It changed its web site layout and asks individuals to provide their national ID before they can get their results. Before this, a complete list was provided along with marks


The creation of HEC has had a positive impact on higher education in Pakistan.
a) Established the finest Digital Library in Pakistan: Every student in every public sector university today has access to 45,000 textbooks research monographs from 220 international publishers as well as to 25,000 international research journals - regarded as one of the best digital libraries anywhere in the world.
b) Tripled University enrollment from 135,000 in the year 2003 to 400,000 in 2008.
c) Promoted research, resulting in huge expansion of international research publications from Pakistan from only 600 research papers /yr in 2003 to 4300 research papers in 2008.
d) During the 56 year period (1947–2003) not a single Pakistani university could be ranked among the top 600 universities in the world. Today 5 of Pakistani universities are in this category with the National University of Science and Technology standing at a very respectable number 350.
e) Four year undergraduate program introduced so that our degrees are internationally recognized.
f) About 5000 Ph.D. level scholarships awarded for study in technologically advanced countries (largest program in developing world) and some 3,000 indigenous Ph.D. scholarships have been awarded. The world’s largest Fulbright Scholarship program (US $ 150 million) launched with joint funding (HEC/USAID).
g) Fifty one new universities and degree awarding institutes and 18 campuses of existing universities established during (2003–2008).
h) Sending 1000 pakistani students to study medicine in Cuba and doing their best to register their degrees by PMDC and soon will send a deligation of members of PMDC,HEC and MNAs

Video Conferencing

Amongst the objectives of this project a primary objective of introduction of Video Conferencing facility is to enhance students teachers interaction through distance learning, bridge the gap of good faculty, meet the shortage of faculty members at the universities located at far-flung areas and ultimately to uplift the standard of education in Pakistan. HEC aims to give Pakistan a bright future through a young, qualified and energetic generation.[citation needed]
In the 1st phase starting September, 2006 eminent scholars from Pakistan will deliver interactive lectures on various topics and recorded lectures from foreign universities will be broadcasted. The lectures delivered/broadcasted will be aimed to develop fundamental concepts, to enhance the critical thinking for under-graduate and graduate students and to discuss cutting edge technologies/research work in the fields of modern sciences for students and faculty members. In the 2nd stage interactive lectures from foreign universities will be arranged. Nobel Laureates/Eminent scientists/researchers will be invited to deliver lectures to share their knowledge/research work. This program will continue and the remaining 32 universities in 2nd phase will become part of the program.
Currently there are more than 65 sites which are operational all over Pakistan and availing this facility for conducting lectures, meetings and other events etc.


The current administration faces several allegations made by a number of MS/PhD students, who claim that HEC, without a legal permission from the court, has placed their names on the Exit Control List (ECL) and has declared them 'Defaulters', which is totally against the rule of law.[8] This claim was challenged by HEC in the Supreme Court of Pakistan but was not urged by the Chief Justice of Pakistan and the other two members of the Supreme Court[9] The panel issued directions to the authorities concerned to initiate legal action against the HEC director for placing the names of students on the Exit Control List (ECL) with the help of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)


As of April 5 2011, the HEC was dissolved by the federal government. The main reason was due to the unavailability of funds to sponsor foreign studies of students. The move was highly criticised by many students and teachers across the country. In an article, the Pakistani scientist Pervez Hoodbhoy expressed his critical views of the HEC and voiced the opinion that dissolving the HEC appeared to be a good idea. He cited that the body had a less than stellar record and spent money on various mega-projects that failed. However, he also said that despite his critical views, the "instant dismemberment or serious disempowerment of the HEC is a recipe for producing chaos" and the government was headed in the wrong direction. He argued that the few checks and balances which are enforced by the HEC would disappear. "Creating another bureaucracy or handing over the reins to existing provincial education bureaucracies, which are even more myopic and less competent than those at the federal centre, will negatively impact the quality of university education in Pakistan." He further went on to say that all academic decisions would be allowed to be made by those who otherwise had little understanding of how universities should function.

Education in Karachi

Education in KarachiPakistan, is divided into five levels: primary (grades one through five); middle (grades six through eight); high (grades nine and ten, leading to the Secondary School Certificate); intermediate (grades eleven and twelve, leading to a Higher Secondary School Certificate); and universityprograms leading to graduate and advanced degrees.
Karachi has both public and private educational institutions from primary to university level. Most educational institutions are gender based from primary to university level.
All academic education institutions are the responsibility of the provincial governments. The federal government mostly assists in curriculum development, accreditation and some financing of research.

Early education

A child may begin his/her schooling at a pre-school at the age of 3. Over the last few years, many new kindergarten (sometimes called montessori) schools have also sprung up in Karachi. Usually pre-school Muslim children get Islamic education of Quran and Hadis at home or local Masjid or Madrasahs.

Primary and secondary education

There are many private and public schools in Karachi.

Tertiary and quaternary education

Most universities of Karachi are considered to be amongst the premier educational institutions of Pakistan. For 2004-05, the city's literacy rate was estimated at 65.26%, 3rd Highest in Pakistan after Islamabad & Rawalpindi,[1] with a GER of 111%, highest in Sindh.[2]

This is a list of schools in KarachiPakistan.

Federal government schools

  • The Trillium Montessori Child Development Center
  • FG Boys Inter College, Karachi Cantt
  • FG Girls Inter College, Karachi Cantt
  • FG Public School, Karachi Cantt
  • FG Minwala Girls Public School, Karachi Cantt
  • FG Boys Secondary School, Abbysinia Lines, Karachi Cantt
  • FG Public School, Manora Cantt
  • FG Public School, Malir Cantt
  • FG Middle School, Drig Road
  • FG Model Middle School, Model Colony
  • FG Girls Middle School, Malir Cantt
  • FG Boys Middle School, Malir Cantt
  • FG Junior Public School, Karachi Cantt
  • Base Montessori, PAF Faisal, Shara-e-Faisal
  • MIDasia Foundation Academy, North Karachi
  • land school ,

Private sector

  • New Model High School (Dar-us-Salam Socirty, Korangi Crossing)
  • MA Tutor Academy (Shadman Town, Noeth Karachi) (
  • Karachi Public School
  • The Educators (Shadman Town Campus)
  • The Elegant Educational Foundation (C-221, Block-14, Gulistan-e-Johar)
  • Unique Grammar Secondary School (Tauheed Colony Sector 11 Block Orangi Town)
  • Habib Public School
  • PAK Grammar High School PAK Grammar High School
  • CAA Model School 2
  • Avicenna School
  • C.F. English Grammar Secondary School, Korangi
  • The Haracks Schoo
  • Jinnah Academy (Gulzar-e-Hijri)
  • Royal City Public School
  • The Horizon School, Cattle Colony Campus,Karachi
  • The Horizon School, Malir Campus,Karachi
  • The Creators Montessori and Daycare
  • Karachi Cambridge School (Primary, Secondary, O Levels and A Levels)
  • PSS Montessori
  • My School
  • A.Q. Education Academy (coeducational)
  • The Trillium Montessori (Child Development Center) Pre-School
  • New Vision Grammar Secondary School (Frontier Colony No. 1)
  • The Perfect Paradise Secondary School (Bukhari Colony Site)
  • Young Scholar Grammar Secondary School (Orangi Town)
  • Genius Foundation school Mehmoodabad NO 6 Campus one
  • Genius Foundation school Mehran Town Campus TWo
  • Genius Foundation school Manzoor colony Campus Three
  • Sohail Academy school landhi 1 English medium
  • Aga khan School kharadar karachi
  • Arslan English Grammer School, 'K' Area Korangi, Karachi
  • Sadequain Academy (near NIPA, Gulshan-e-Iqbal)
  • Sadequain Jauhar Academy (Block# 15, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi)
  • PAK HORIZON GRAMMAR SCHOOL (Sector 11-F North Karachi)
  • london cambridge school
  • Sadequain Foundation School ( Gulistan-e-jauhar , Karachi )
  • 03422438096 sumair

[edit]Primary schools

[edit]Public sector

  • F. G. Public School Karachi Cantt
  • Defence Authority Model High School
  • Zafar Public School
  • Shining Public High School Arwani Islamabad Jammau and Kashmir
  • New St. Andrews School, Defence Phase I
  • Iqra Rozatul Atfal Trust (Bath Island)
  • Pagal Giga School
  • The Trillium Montessori Child Development Center

[edit]Private sector

  • Happy Palace Grammar School
  • Sensorium School System Gulshan e Hadeed Campus (0315-2364071)
  • Summit Educational System (S.E.S.), Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi
  • The Trillium Montessori Child Development Center
  • Sultan Mohammed Shah Aga Khan School
  • Aga Khan School Garden
Excellence Model School(Kharadar Karachi)
  • The Accel School (P.E.C.H.S Block 2, Karachi)
  • Civilizations Public School* Lelsie public school
  • Shaheen Cambridge School Nazimabad no.1(Montessori to Matric)
  • PAK Grammar High School PAK Grammar High School
  • Kids R Us School, Model Colony, Malir (Primary, Secondary)
  • Dawn Public School, North Karachi
  • New Generation's School
  • CAA Model School 2
  • Rose Petal Grammar School
  • CAA Model School 4
  • C.F. English Grammar Secondary School, Korangi
  • The Haracks School
  • Royal City Public School
  • Merry Home School (coeducational)
  • Karachi Cambridge School (Primary, Secondary, O Levels and A Levels)
  • Kiwi School B Zone Karachi (Primary, Secondary, O Levels and A Levels)
  • Model Day Care School, Model Colony, Malir (Primary, Secondary)
  • Muhammad Ali Juhar School, Model Colony, Malir (Primary, Secondary)
  • City Public School, Model Colony, Malir (Primary, Secondary)
  • Links, Clifton
  • The Trillium Montessori Child Development Center
  • A.I.M Children Paradise Secondary School
  • Evergreen Secondary school, gulshan-e- Iqbal, Karachi (Primary, secondary)
  • White house grammar school
  • Stratford School (Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi) - Montessori to Matric / O-A Levels)
Karachi Cambridge SCHOOL(Tariq road P.E.C.H.S) pak oxford grammer school kornngi 3.5 karachi

[edit]Secondary schools

[edit]Public sector

  • Career Developer School, Landhi No. 3
  • Merab Kids University, Landhi-1
  • Nasir English Secondary School, SKC Landhi-2
  • Sohael Academy Secondary School, Landhi-1
  • F. G. Public School, Karachi Cantt (for boys)
  • Govt. Boys Secondary School, Malir Colony (for boys)
  • Shaheen Public English Cambridge School (SPECS)
  • Papjee American Public School
  • H. B. Malik Public School
  • PECHS Girls School
  • Gulistan S.A.L. School (for boys)
  • Ammar Academy Cambridge System
  • Islamia English Model School (I.E.M.S),14 - H,Orangi Town, Karachi

[edit]A-Level School & Colleges

[edit]Public sector coeducational

  • PAK Grammar High School PAK Grammar High School
  • Jauhar Public English Secondary School, Orangi Town, KHI
  • The Educational Centre O & A Levels, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi
  • The Paradise School
  • Hamdard Public School
  • Merry Home School
  • Candle Light Secondary School
  • C.F. English Grammar Secondary School, Korangi
  • Beacon Light Academy
  • The Metropolitan Academy
  • Royal City Public School
  • Shaheen Public School Campus III
  • Mideast Secondary School
  • DA Public School O & A Levels
  • Karachi Public High School
  • CAA Model School 2
  • DHA Model High School
  • Karachi Public School
  • Reflections, Korangi Creek
  • Kingsley American School
  • St. Peters High School
  • NJW Grammar School
  • Iqra Foundation High School
  • Karachi International School
  • The RAS School, Korangi-4
  • Iqra Public Grammar Secondary School Keamari
  • Falcon Model Sec. School
  • Hashmi Public Sec. School, Pathan Colony
  • Al-Bairuni Sec. School (Baldia Town)
  • King Fahd Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Orangi Town
  • Happy Palace Grammar School, Faisalabad area
  • Mount View Secondary School, North Nazimabad Blk "I"
  • Sunrise Secondary School Lyari

[edit]Private sector(co-education)

  • New Model High School (Mont-Matric) Korangi Crossing
  • The Heritage Cambridge School
  • Pathways School. Clifton
  • The Beginners (Montessori To Matric / O Levels)
  • Shaheen Cambridge School Nazimabad no.1
  • The Educators Gulshan Campus 3
  • ACE School, Block 'F' North Nazimabad, 0333-2110654
  • Generation's school
  • Pak Grammar High School PAK Grammar High School
  • Merry Home School
  • The Quill School System
  • New Generation's School
  • Dawn Public School, North Karachi
  • Ahsan Public Secondary School, Gulshan-e-Maymar
  • SK Grammar School, North Karachi
  • Akbar Public School
  • The Haracks School
  • Fair Field High School
  • Karachi High School (Cambridge O levels (IGCSE) CIPP, CLSP)
  • Karachi Cambridge School (Primary, Secondary, O Levels and A Levels)
  • Clifton High School and College for Women
  • Clifton Grammar Junior & Senior School (CGJSS)
  • Al-Ahad Academy
  • Al-Hadi Academy
  • Almurtaza School
  • P.M. Public School
  • Habib Public School
  • Generation's School
  • St. Patrick's High School
  • St. Lawrence's Boys School [2]
  • St Paul's English High School
  • St. Patrick's Technical School
  • St. Paul's Urdu High School
  • Christ the King School (for girls)
  • Our Lady of Fatima School (for girls)
  • St. Lawrence's Girls' School (for girls)
  • Convent of Jesus and Mary (Karachi) (for girls)
  • St Joseph's Convent School (Karachi) (for girls)
  • Shaheen Public English Cambridge School (S.P.E.C.S.)
  • Ali Garh Secondary School
  • Prince Aly Boys Secondary School, Malir
  • The Educators
  • City Angel Grammar School, North Nazimabad, Karachi
  • The SET School (Setting Educational Trends)
  • Sadequain Academy
  • Pak Model Secondary School
  • Beaconhouse School System
  • The City School
  • Progressive Public School(Montessori to Matric/O&A-LEVEL)
  • Sunbeams Grammar School
  • SMS Aga Khan School
  • Beacon Askari School System Model Colony
  • Yaqueen Foundation
  • Akbar Public School Salman
  • Trinity Private School
  • Indus Academy
  • Karachi Public School
  • Varraich Angels Secondary School, Qayyumabad Korangi Road
  • Al Abbas Secondary School, Qayyumabad Korangi Road
  • New Montina English School
  • St. Jude's High School
  • St. Paul's School, Azam Basti
  • St. Anthony's School
  • St. Francis' School
  • St. John's School
  • Shining Star English Secondary School, North Nazimabad Town Karachi
  • National High School
  • Dehli Grammar School
  • ASF Public School Karachi Old Area Airport Karachi
  • Bright Career Public Secondary Schools
  • The Paradise School
  • The Paradise Montessori
  • Practical Schooling System (Primary - O-levels / Matric), Gulshan-e-Iqbal
  • Candle Light Secondary School, New Karachi
  • The Avicenna School (Juniors Branch)
  • The City School (Pakistan)
  • Foundation Public School
  • Springfield School Karachi
  • The Metropolitan Academy
  • Maria Children Academy School, Nagan Chowrang
  • Al-Nusrat Memorial Academy School
  • Brooks grammer school, P.E.C.H.S (O'levels)
  • Meritorious Schools Network
  • Mideast Secondary School
  • Happy Home School, Gulshan Town
  • Seven Oaks High School
  • Little Folks Lower Secondary School
  • SMS Grammar School
  • Karachi Public School
  • CAA Model School 1
  • Ladybird Grammar School
  • Little John's Lower Secondary School
  • M. H. Grammar School
  • K.M.A. Boys Secondary School
  • The RAS School, Korangi-4
  • Islamic Institute For Education
  • YMCA Secondary School, Saadar Town
  • Islamia Public School, Zia Colony, Orangi Town
  • Zaheer Public School (Campus 1 and 2)
  • Premier Grammar School, Baldia Town
  • Neelo's Montessori and Maha American School
  • Golden Model School, Goldentown, Shahfaisal Colony
  • M.E Foundation Secondary School, Mehmoodabad
  • Shah Academy Nazimabad
  • Gulshan Technical High School & Gulshan Technical Centre Malir City Karachi
  • Ali Ali Boys and girls School
  • Morning glory grammar school shah faisal colony karachi
  • Mukkaram ali memorial school shah faisal colony karachi
  • Little Flower Children Secondary School (Muslim Town North Karachi)
  • Asgher Cresent Grammer School

[edit]Higher secondary schools

[edit]Public sector boys' schools

  • Speciss Public Secondary School, Rafah-e-Aam Society
  • NED Foundation Higher Secondary School
  • Allama Iqbal Government Boys Higher Secondary School
  • Baba Willayat Government Higher Secondary School
  • Green super grammer school mehmoodabad karachi pakistan
  • Ghazi Muhammad Bin Qasim Higher Secondary School
  • Government Boys Higher Secondary School
  • Government Boys Secondary School, Liaquatabad No. 4
  • Government Boys Comprehensive Higher Secondary School
  • H.B. Malik Public School
  • Hanifia Public School
  • Government Boys Higher Secondary School
  • Government Comprehensive Higher Secondary School
  • Government Mumtaz Boys Higher Secondary School
  • NJV Government Boys Higher Secondary School (Sindhi Medium)
  • NJV Government Boys Higher Secondary School (Urdu Medium)
  • Madressa-e-Islamia
  • The Horizon School (Cattle Colony Karachi)

[edit]Public sector girls' schools

  • NED School Murrad Memon Goth
  • Khatoon-E-Pakistan Govt. Girls Sec. School
  • Government Girls Higher Secondary School Orangi Town
  • Government Girls Pilot. Higher Secondary School Nazimabad
  • Jammia Milliah Government Higher Secondary School
  • Kemari Government Girls Higher Secondary School
  • NJV Government Girls Higher Secondary School (Sindhi Medium)
  • PAF Government Girls Higher Secondary School
  • Aga Khan Higher Secondary School
  • Government Girls Secondary School Jocab Line No 1, Opp Capri Cenima M.A. Jinnah Road Karachi
  • Usman Public School Campus 1
  • Aes School For Girls In Gulistan E Joher

[edit]Public sector coeducational

  • Bangalore Town School
  • Hyderi Public School
  • Guards Public School
  • The Quill School Martin Quarters

[edit]Private sector boys' schools

  • Suffah Saviour School (O levels), MACHS Society
  • Yaqeen Education Foundation
  • B.V.S. Parsi High School, Saddar
  • Hyderi Public School, Saddar
  • CAA Model School 1
  • Aisha Bawany Academy (Boys Campus)
  • Habib Public School (HPS)
  • Gulistan S.A.L. School (Boys Section)
  • Metropolis Academy
  • Saifiyah Boys High School, Saddar
  • Sindh Madrasa-tul-Islam
  • Hayat ul Islam Public School, Gulshan Town
  • Dhaka Secondary School, Karimabad
  • ‘Mama Baby Care Secondary School’
  • The Aureole School
  • Usman Public School Campus 2
  • Al Siddique Huffaz School, Shah Faisal Town
  • NAKHLAH Educational House For Islamic Grooming
  • Islamic Institute for Education
  • Sir Naweed's school sysytem

[edit]Private Sector Girls' School

  • Suffah Saviour Girls' School
  • AES School for Girls
  • The City School (6th Grade+)
the mama parsi girls secondary school

[edit]Private sector coeducational

[edit]Police welfare schools

The Citizens Foundation (TCF) runs the following schools on police land:
  • Police Head Quarter Garden Primary School
  • Police Head Quarter Garden Secondary School
  • Police Head Quarter Naval Colony School
  • Korangi Secondary School
  • Quaidabad Primary School
  • Quaidabad Secondary School
  • Saeedabad Primary School
  • Saudabad Primary School
  • ASF Public School
  • Little Orchard Academy Shadman Town No 2, North Karachi
  • British Overseas school Defence

[edit]Administered by AKES

Aga Khan Education Services (AKES) currently operates more than 190 schools and advanced educational programmes that provide quality preschool, primary, secondary, and higher secondary education services to students in Pakistan. The following categories of schools are considered "cooperating schools" of AKES in Karachi.
AKESP schools:
  • Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Karimabad, F.B. Area
  • Aga Khan School, Verley Road, Wine Street, Garden East
  • Aga Khan School, Kharadar, Aga Khan Road, Saddar Town
  • Sultan Mohamed Shah Aga Khan School, F.B. Area, Karimabad
  • Islamia English Model School (Orangi Town Karachi)

[edit]Private schools

  • Programmer Girls School, Gulshan Iqbal
  • AES School for Girls, Gulistan-e-Johar
  • Green super grammer school owner of school AQ Mughal- Mehmoodabad karachi
  • The Heritage Cambridge School
  • San Jose Grammar School
  • Shaheen Cambridge School Nazimabad no.1
  • PAK Grammar High School
  • Merry Home School
  • Links, Clifton
  • Rahman Children Secondary School
  • Y.W.C.A little star girls secondary school
  • Ghulaman-e-Abbas School
  • Practical Schooling System (Gulshan-e-Iqbal)
  • Fatimiyah Boys Secondary Schools
  • Canadian Grammar School, PECHS
  • Ameer Bahadur Children Academy, [Upper Gizri]
  • Faran High School, Orangi Town
  • Generation's School, North Nazimabad
  • Falcon House Grammar School North Nazimabad
  • Habib Girls School, Garden
  • Happy Home Secondary School, Modern Housing Society
  • Ismailia Youth Services Schools, Malir Town
  • Clifton Grammar Junior & Senior School, Clifton
  • Metroville Community School, Gulzar-e-Hunza, MetrovilleSITE Town
  • Nasra School, Shah Faisal Town
  • Our Lady of Fatima School, Randle Road
  • Qamar-e-Bani-Hashim School, Malir Town
  • Sindh-Madrasa-tul-Islam
  • Jennigs Private School[fatima jinnah road]
  • St. Patrick's Girls High School, Shahrah-e-Iraq, Saddar Town
  • Green Land Public School, North Karachi
  • Usman Public School, North Karachi
  • St. Pauls, Saddar
  • Habib Public School
  • Bright Career Public Secondary Schools, F.B. Area (Incholi Campus), Gulshan-e-Iqbal Campus
  • Hyderi Public School
  • Dove Foundation Public School
  • Sir Syed Children's Academy, Nazimabad
  • Sun Rise Progressive School Sheet 23/13 Model Colony
  • Progressive Children's Academy, Nazimabad #4
  • Pak Grammar School, Garden East
  • Central Model High School, P.E.C.H.S.
  • St. George's School, North Nazimabad (coeducational)
  • Oxford English High School, Sultanabad Kemari Town
  • Rose Petal Primary & Secondary School, Soldier Bazaar 1
  • Western Grammar Secondary School, Nazimabad #3
  • Glamour Children Secondary School, Liaquatbad No. 4
  • Trinity Private School (fatima jinnah road 240 staff lines)
  • Ideal Grammar Higher Secondary School
  • Uzma Grammar Secondary School (Baldia Town)
  • Usman Model Secondary School (Baldia Town
  • Kazmi Grammar Primary School, Allama Iqbal Town, Block 'W' North Nazimabad, Karachi
  • Gallant Public Secondary School, Nazimabad No.5
  • Little Folk's School
  • The Innovators Pre-School System Orangi Town Sector 15
  • The City School
Phone 021-36654640 Cell 0333-3246996

[edit]Government schools

  • American Day Care Secondary School
  • Jennings Private school
  • Blooms Land Government Boys Primary School, Nazimabad # 2, Liaquatabad Town
  • Clifton Grammar School
  • Delhi Government Extension Model Primary School, Block-1, F.B. Area
  • Girls Boys Secondary School, North Karachi
  • Government Boys Primary School, F. B. Area, Liaquatabad Town
  • Government Boys Primary School, F. C. Area, Liaquatabad Town
  • Government Boys Primary School, North Karachi
  • Government Boys Primary School Peoples Programme, F. C. Area, Liaquatabad Town
  • Government Boys Secondary School, Airport
  • Government Boys Secondary School, Lasipara, Baldia Town
  • Government Boys Secondary School, NazimabadLiaquatabad Town
  • Government Boys Secondary School, New Karachi
  • Government Boys Secondary School, Jail Road
  • Government Boys Secondary School, Sir Syed Town, North Karachi
  • Government Delhi Boys Primary School (Morning), Karimabad, F.B. Area
  • Government Delhi Boys Secondary School, Karimabad, F.B. Area
  • Government Delhi Girls Secondary School, Karimabad, F.B. Area
  • Government Girls Pilot Higher Secondary School, NazimabadLiaquatabad Town
  • Government Karachi Boys Secondary School, NazimabadLiaquatabad Town
  • Greenland Government Boys Secondary School, NazimabadLiaquatabad Town
  • Hanifa Bai Hajiani Government Girls Secondary School, Garikhata, Saddar Town
  • Happy Dale Government Boys Secondary School, NazimabadLiaquatabad Town
  • Karachi Academy Government Boys Secondary School, Azizabad, F.B. Area
  • Little Angels Government Boys Secondary School, NazimabadLiaquatabad Town
  • Methodist Government Boys Secondary School, Godhra Colony, New Karachi
  • Mir Ayub Khan Government Girls Secondary School
  • Narayan Jagannath High School
  • New Happy Garden Government Primary School, NazimabadLiaquatabad Town
  • New Method Government Boys Secondary School, F.B. Area
  • Pakland Government Secondary School, Joharabad, F.B. Area
  • PakTurk International Schools and Colleges, Gulshan-e Iqbal Town (Girls Branch)
  • S.M. Public Government Boys & Girls Secondary School, NazimabadLiaquatabad Town
  • Standard Government Boys Secondary School, Lal School, New Karachi
  • Technical Age Government Boys Secondary School, Azizabad No. 2, F.B. Area
  • Y.M.C.A. Secondary School, Saadar Town
  • Zain Love Public School, Orangi Town
  • News Scholar Academy School (Malir Saudabad Karachi)
  • New Erum Secondary School, shadman # 2 c-50 sector 14-A Karachi.

[edit]NGO institutions

The following is a list of NGO institutions:
  • Merab Educational System
  • Pakistan International Labour Club
  • SM Board Quaid-i-Azam Public School
  • Lyari Community Development Project, Pre-Primary School
  • Markaz-e-Umeed for Special Children
  • Baithak School Network
  • Hussain Ebrahim Foundation Secondary School
  • Dove Educational Foundation

This is a list of colleges in Karachi

Colleges for boys

[edit]Colleges for girls

Imran Govt. College in Gilgit

[edit]Other institutions

[edit]Colleges administrated by the Pakistan military

[edit]Federal Government Colleges

[edit]Pakistan Army

Pakistan Air Force

[edit]Pakistan Navy


University nameSectorWebsiteAddress
University of
Aga Khan
Bahria University
main campus in Islamabad
Baqai Medical
Dadabhoy Institute of Higher
Dawood College of Engineering and
DHA Suffa UniversityPrivate -
Dow University of Health
FAST-National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences
main campus in Islamabad
Federal Urdu University
has another campus in Islamabad
Indus Institute of Higher
Indus Valley School of Art and
Institute of Business and Technology (Biztek)
Institute of Business
Institute of Business
Jinnah University for
Karachi Institute of Economics &
KASB (Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari) Institute of
Mohammad Ali Jinnah
Nazeer Hussain UniversityPrivate -
NED (Nadirshaw Edulji Dinshaw) University of Engineering and
Newports Institute of Communications and
Pakistan Naval
Pakistan Navy Engineering College
a constituent college of the National University of Sciences and Technology
Preston Institute of Management Sciences and
Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science & Technology(SZABIST)
Sir Syed University of Engineering &
Textile Institute of
Virtual University of
Ziauddin Medical
Institute of Professional
Usman Institute of TechnologyPrivate[1]
Karachi Institute of Economics and
Sindh Muslim Law CollegePublic[2]

[edit]Other institutions